Start-up Revenue

The New CEO’s Challenge

Most start-ups are laser focused on product development and fund raising. Business plans include business models and revenue projections, but only after significant product work has been completed are both short and long term revenue opportunities addressed.

SalesClinic has successfully developed and executed start-up product sales and partnership strategies for over 20 years.

How do we work with start-ups?

  • In-depth analysis of revenue generation opportunities.
  • Understanding of the target market’s buying process.
  • Identification of revenue obstacles and recommendations for removal.
  • Development of short term sales strategies for testing.
  • Development of short term sales plans.
  • Development of sales processes to test each strategy.
  • Evaluation of channel sales model.
  • Initial sales personnel strategy.
  • On-going coaching.


  • Gain objective insights from highly experienced, former senior start-up executives.
  • Benefit from a sounding board with start-up sales and sales management experience.
  • Receive unfiltered, direct feedback.
  • Vet new ideas for revenue growth with a resource that is free from a personal agenda.

Start-ups we’ve helped…

  • Applango – SaaS usage analytics platform.
  • CRWTH – CBT for IBM Mainframe software.
  • Digital Performance – Automotive after-market digital media.
  • Digital Booking Systems – Online film distribution exchange.
  • Filmstew – Online entertainment industry community site.
  • HostedSupport – Online technical support CRM.
  • Inference – AI application development platform.
  • – Local digital media.
  • – Local digital media.
  • Citysearch - Local digital marketing
  • Overture – Search engine marketing
  • SageMetrics – SaaS web analytics and business intelligence.
  • Sendio – Email SPAM filtering software.
  • Software Affiliates – Consumer CD-ROM software publisher.
  • TriVida – Networked web site personalization platform.
  • United Satellite Communications – Satellite TV provider.
  • – Flooring industry online exchange.
  • Webalo – Mobile application development platform.

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