Team Members

Rob Edenzon

Rob Edenzon is a highly-skilled sales strategist. He has successfully created and managed sales teams of all sizes. From startups to worldwide networks, Rob is an aggressive manager and an excellent coach. His common sense approach to sales is highly effective and efficient.

Rob Edenzon has built a successful career building and managing sales teams. His experience has ranged from building and managing worldwide networks of independent sales representatives to having over 300 employees in his sales organization. His expertise encompasses all the major areas involved in building and growing successful sales organizations including: hiring, managing, coaching, sales skill development, sales goals/metrics, territory design, compensation/incentives, field sales, inside sales, account management and sales automation. Mr. Edenzon has worked with large companies such as Autotrader, Overture, Ticketmaster Online CitySearch, Baker & Taylor as well as growth companies such as, Qualte, Infotrieve, Inference, Sage Metrics, and Software Affiliates.

In 1989 Mr. Edenzon made the transition from sales rep to sales management with Inference Corporation, a provider of artificial intelligence development tools, managing a North American sales organization of both inside and field reps. His success at Inference allowed the company to execute an IPO after having struggled as a private company for almost fifteen years. At Inference, Mr. Edenzon also established the first Value Added Reseller program signing over forty partners in less than two years.

Following Inference, Mr. Edenzon transitioned to the distribution and retail markets by managing a team of over thirty sales representatives at Baker & Taylor. In his first six months with the company, he increased profit margins by over thirty percent. He was then asked to manage the $20 million Affiliate Marketing Division of Baker & Taylor until deciding to create his own software publishing company in 1995.

Once the World Wide Web began to take shape in 1997, Mr. Edenzon moved to Ticketmaster Online CitySearch to begin what would be his most successful period in his sales management career. He was initially hired as a consultant to build the first outbound telesales group for the company which he completed in six weeks. Once built and operating Mr. Edenzon was hired as a “fixer” for the VP of Sales. His first assignment was to turn around the worst performing field office in the country, Portland, Oregon. Under Mr. Edenzon’s management, Portland became the number one office in the country in less than three months, even surpassing New York City. The management infrastructure he established allowed Portland to retain the number one spot for an additional six months until he moved to his next assignment. Citysearch realized that a drastic expansion program was required to meet market needs. Mr. Edenzon designed and implemented a sales force expansion plan and successfully hired and trained 225 sales representatives in 25 cities in only nine months. This expansion led in part to Citysearch’s IPO.

Mario Tota

Mario Tota is a sales management consultant with a single-minded focus on top-line revenue growth. His experience includes senior leadership roles in both startup organizations as well as Fortune 500’s and he has consulted with over 30 companies globally.

Mr. Tota’s core expertise is in design, development and implementation of high-performance salesteams. This includes organizational transformation, structural design as well as strategic planning, recruitment, training and motivation of teams of all sizes. Mr. Tota employs a “customer focused” selling philosophy driven by comprehensive account management programs and sophisticated CRM technology.

Often starting with nothing more than an empty desk and an idea, Mario’s project-oriented approach to business resulted in the launch of many organizations swiftly and profitably. He is credited with the launch of the Travelocity Business, a division of the Sabre Group, where he grew revenue to $40MM within one year. Additionally, he has launched units of InterActive Corp (, Internet Solutions Worldwide (an AT&T Company), American Airlines and Ansett Australia Airlines.

Mr. Tota’s cross-industrial experience includes myriad projects with Digital, Media, Travel, Manufacturing and Technology companies.

A sampling of Mr. Tota’s clients includes:

  • McClatchy
  • Weatherbug
  • Cox Media
  • Gannett

Kurt F Laffy, MBA

Kurt is the consummate problem finder and solver, always finding ways to turn the lemon into juice – Kurt will always find a way to improve marketing conditions and the competitive landscape.

Kurt Laffy brings a variety of experiences with a deep foundation in clinical and technical sales, business development and marketing.  Kurt’s background includes 17 years at Johnson & Johnson where he moved through the ranks and succeeded in several key roles within sales and marketing management.  Kurt’s many accomplishments included; new sales training programs, multiple J&J Achievement Awards for innovation in marketing, President’s Club Awards, sales team coaching, team development, recruiting, incentive programs and innovation, among others.

Kurt brought his problem-solving and innovation-centric approach to numerous organizations and constituents.  Most recently, Kurt helped turn around a medical society from revenue loss to significant gain.  This red-to-black was a direct result of Kurt doggedly moving forward with several significant key initiatives which are now serving as continued, annual revenues.

Some of Kurt’s industry experience includes:

  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • Medical Device
  • Retail
  • Pharmacy
  • Non-Profit
  • Consumer
  • Automotive

Kurt is also a proud and dedicated father of Isabella and Logan.

Gregg Alvarez

Gregg Alvarez is an expert in business development, strategy and tactics – primarily within Interactive and media spaces with considerable experience in the generation of new revenue streams, sales team and sales system development, management and evaluation.

Mr. Alvarez has extensive consulting experience with Internet start ups, traditional and Interactive publishers and advertising agencies from, Gannett, and McClatchy to Omnicom’s Novus Media and True North’s MD News. Whether engaged in go-to-market, growth and monetization strategy or Interactive media education and training for advertising agencies and tradition media companies; Mr. Alvarez has delivered results that have demonstrated measurable and immeasurable value to his clients.

In addition to his consulting experience, Mr. Alvarez was Vice President of Sales at where he lead the efforts of both the B2B and B2C groups establishing partnerships with MGM Resorts International, Club Corp and InterContinental Hotels Group among other major partners while increasing revenue by 100% in just over three quarters. Mr. Alvarez also served as a National Sales Director for where he was charged with building and managing a team responsible for the establishment and sales results of’s newly created ad footprint. Mr. Alvarez and his team established and managed relationships with companies such as Bank of America, State Farm, GM, and Allstate to name a few. Mr. Alvarez served as a founding member of McClatchy’s Real Cities Network and was instrumental in growing the network from 100+ local.coms to over 1,000 generating in excess of $10MM, from new advertising partners, for these publications. Mr. Alvarez also designed and established the direct sales channel for, served as the initial National Sales Manager where today 60% of revenue is generated through this channel.

Mr. Alvarez’s early experience includes positions at Motorola and Ticketmaster-Citysearch (IAC) where was a member of the new market roll out team, national sales team and General Manager for Houston; the company’s 5th largest market.

Mr. Alvarez is a U.S. Military Veteran where he served in theatre during Desert Storm and the Conflict in Yugoslavia.

Mr. Alvarez is a dedicated husband and father of twins, the loves of his life, Katherine and Christopher.

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