Coaching / Leadership Development

Coaching / Leadership Development

Increase skills and competencies of the sales management to be able to significantly scale and grow the business.

The best sales reps always want to develop their skills.  As part of their development, they rely heavily on the coaching they receive from management.  Similarly, investing in your sales management team is critical.

Your investment in sales leadership ensures the current and future success of the organization.

Here’s How We Do It.

  • Help your managers to foster a culture of success
  • Deliver customized curriculum to coach and develop sales management
  • Develop tools and processes to assist in coaching staff
    • Account Planning / Strategy
    • Business Development Checklist
  • Provide on-going, meaningful coaching to ensure development
  • Enhance people skills
  • Improve job performance relevant to the organizational plan and purpose
  • Further develop and enhance trust and level of credibility
  • Create (or enhance) vision, purpose and values
  • Enhance coaching capabilities – ensure full potential of all staff is achieved
  • Encourage an open and communicative environment
  • Define “leadership” vs. “management”
  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration

Urgent Care for your Sales Organization