Maximize Sales Manager Potential

Maximize Sales Manager Potential

Get an objective 360 view of your sales managers’ capabilities.

Assessing sales managers is usually a very subjective exercise. We introduce a well-defined set of core competencies against which we objectively assess your sales managers.

Subjectivity in sales manager assessments often leads to inaccurate results.

Here’s How We Do It.

    Sales Manager Assessment

    • Introduce 6 critical core competencies. Assess managers against:
      • Revenue Performance
      • Leadership
      • Strategic Insight
      • Sales Staff Development
      • Recruitment
      • Potential to Affect Change
    • Understand a day in the life of your managers
    • Gain insight into management styles from in-depth staff interviews
    • Conduct workshop to review findings with management
    • Identify high-potential managers
    • Create next steps for manager development

Urgent Care for your Sales Organization