Are you trying to build a generic sales process?

It’s not about reinventing the wheel. Invent your own wheel.

Sometimes I marvel at how generic people are when trying to increase sales. I read WheelLinkedIn posts all the time that ask for the “top 3 qualifying questions to qualify a lead”. How would anyone know the top 3 three questions for a product they haven’t seen?

“What are the best questions you ask to identify a need for your product?” That’s not going to help you build a sales process.

A sales process starts with the buying process. How do people/companies buy your product/service? Who are these people? What are their roles? How do they evaluate vendors like you? Products like yours? Who’s budget? The functional department? IT? Marketing? How strategic is your product (think software) versus an operational solution to an everyday issue (think paper).

There are no generic sales processes. There are no generic questions to be asked. Each company must create a sales process from scratch. Don’t think of it as reinventing the wheel. The wheel doesn’t exist yet. You need to create a process that is unique to your company, product, and target customers.

Would you post a request on LinkedIn for the best presentation someone has used? Of course not. It has to be specific to your company and product.

Just like your sales process.

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