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Salesforce Usage Analyzer Applango Partners With SalesClinic to Grow Revenues

Applango LogoSalesClinic, through dozens of Salesforce implementations has discovered that there is one constant with most Salesforce customers. User adoption is a challenge.

Why is it so difficult to understand the accuracy of activities, pipeline and forecasts?

It’s difficult because Salesforce Admins and Sales Management have no idea who is properly using Salesforce. Until now there has been no way to gauge if users are actually using the tool or simply signing on and getting phone numbers and addresses.

To address this very common problem, SalesClinic has partnered with Applango.

Applango has a solution to this challenge through a usage analyzer that provides all of the data and information required for Admins and Management to identify users that may need additional coaching and training. It also identifies how well processes within the Salesforce application are being adhered to by the users.

Applango for Adoption Infographic

SalesClinic’s analysis and testing of Applango’s market from a sales perspective has resulted in a better, segmented sales strategy, with a plan and process that are now resulting in significant revenue pipeline growth. By supplying Telesales and Field Sales resources for hands on selling, SalesClinic has provided both strategic and logistical sales support.

As part of SalesClinic’s sales process development, we’ve been able to change the expectation of prospects from a “free trial” to a Salesforce Usage Analysis that actually provides value in the first two weeks. Most SaaS solutions allow you to attempt using their solution as a test. Applango’s sales process provides actionable user data for their prospects.

SalesClinic continues to work with Applango to identify and close potential customers. Our hands-on experience allows us to recommend adjustments to the sales process to ensure Applango exceeds its revenue goals moving forward.